Automated Solutions

Dynelec has a proven track record for delivering industry and technology-specific solutions in automation which address any obstacles you may face in reaching your operational requirements. We meet your project’s automated needs with our tried and tested tailored solutions.

A proven track record in successful automated solutions

We are committed to helping you minimise project risk with our cutting edge automated solutions that are profitable, safe and sustainable.

Consultation process

Ensuring you get the best solution for your needs starts with a consultation process. Our team will take the time to listen to and understand your needs and issues, in order to analyse and document the process. 

Based on a tested method of face to face reviewing, our consultation process allows us to understand the obstacles you face, as well as obtain a picture of your aims and objectives. This style of ongoing conversation allows us to draw from our pool of experts and partner resources to bring you tailor-made, fully scaled and reusable engineered solutions.

Engineered Packages and Panels

We create and supply a range of customised Engineered Packages and Panels designed to meet your individual requirements. We are able to supply a range of panels, from pre-configured panels to custom-designed.

Our panels are designed and finely tuned to represent your specifications and arrive at your site ready to install. Our facilities ensure you can rely on our quick turnaround.

Complete Solutions for Automation and Control

We are able to offer you complete automation and control solution tailored to your project needs. With a wide range of experience in the application of Supervisory Data Control Acquisition (SCADA) systems, Programmer Logic Control (PLC) system integration, Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) and process controls we can build and commission a system to suit your exact requirements no matter how complex. We can supply complete new systems or retrofit upgrades to existing machinery.

Dynelec Operations Review

Let us help you protect your investment by providing you with a Dynelec professional assessment and review of your entire operations. Our approach to devising an Operational Review allows you to identify any issues you face in relation to people, processes and equipment that are causing you to operate below capacity.

We are able to draw on our industry know-how and connections to recommend services that will help you maximise your productivity, optimise your plant assets and improve your financial performance.

Through our assessment process, you’ll receive comprehensive and objective information about the often unseen obstacles that are reducing your efficiency and increasing your costs.

The completed review will detail an appropriate approach to adopt, as well as an outline of the resources required to execute the proposal. The review is designed to help you optimise your performance and better utilise your assets. This ensures you can meet, and even better, your production and business ideals on a cost effective basis.

Contact us today to see how we can tailor automation solutions to your needs and budget.