Motor Control Centres

Dynelec has specified, designed, manufactured and installed a range of Motor Control Centre solutions across the Mining & Heavy Industrial sector over many decades. Dynelec is also a licensed Eaton xEnergy Partner. 

Meeting your automation and motor control centre needs

We can create complete integrated systems combining components from multiple manufacturers to ensure you get the right results.

Our professional team are able to design your motor control centre from scratch or build it according to your preset specifications. Our custom motor control centres can be used for a wide range of applications such as:

  • coal handling
  • coal processing
  • conveyor drives
  • stackers/reclaimers/ship loaders
  • water and sewerage systems
  • water infrastructure projects
  • materials handling 
  • petrochemical
  • steel & recycling
  • cement

Fully customised motor control centres

We specialise in the construction of complete automated distribution systems built using components from multiple vendors which ensures your exact requirements are met. Dynelec are able to supply customised motor control centres complete with PLC/HMI control packages or SCADA integration.

Our motor control centres can include:

  • touch screens
  • SCADA interfaces
  • HMI (Human Machine Interfaces)
  • programmable controllers
  • power meters
  • variable speed drives (VSD’s)
  • DC drives (where applicable)
  • contactors
  • switches and push-buttons
  • circuit breakers & disconnects, and
  • control lamps.

Designed specifically for underground mining systems

Dynelec are able to supply a VSD (variable speed drive) developed for induction or synchronous motors used in underground coal mining systems. This drive provides speed, torque and direction control for mining machinery on low voltage (LV) or mediuim voltage (MV) systems.

We are also specialists in fully automated DC motor control centres which can be customised to your needs.

Each motor starter, incorporated in the Motor Control Centre (MCC) offers coordinated protection for use with underground mining machinery.

Quality Assured

All our motor control centres are put through Factory Acceptance Testing, compatibility testing (where necessary) and commissioning to ensure they’re fully operational on delivery. They are also supplied with manuals and drawings. Options for ongoing support for each product including Lifecycle Management are available.

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