With one of the largest workshops and testing facilities in NSW, we’re fully equipped to build customs power solutions using state-of-the-art technology supported by an experienced on-site service team.

Benefit from our automated workshop and extensive testing facilities

Our workshop is equipped to enable us to design, build and test. From simple tests, to complex multiple testing and development of end-to-end solutions, we have the facilities needed to support you.

Schedule of Testing & Works Equipment

Vibration Analysis
Laser Alignment
Hardness Testing
Dye Penetrate Testing
Tachometers ‐ Mechanical & Optical
Temperature Monitoring & Recording ‐ Thermocouples & Contact Thermometers
Micrometers up to 600mm
Hydrostatic Pressure Test Equipment
Random Wound Coil Winding Equipment
Hydraulic Die Punch Equipment
EPA approved wash bay and parts washer
High Pressure Water Jet Cleaner
Spray Painting Booth
Full Stocked & Controlled Stores Area
Water Jacket De‐scaling & Pressure Testing Equipment

Electrical Testing Equipment

Controlled Pyrolysis Furnace (Burn‐Out Oven) up to 760oC
Baker Surge Comparison Tester (12kV) with Armature Bar to Bar Capability
28kV AC High Potential Withstand Testing
Insulation Resistance and Polarisation Index up to 12kV
Chauvin Arnox CA10 Micro Ohm Meter
Full Load Dynamometer Testing Facilities

Hydraulic Presses

100T Horizontal Press ‐ 2700 Long x 1060 Wide
Vertical Press ‐ 1000 Long x 800 Wide

Lifting Capacity

Overhead Crane No 1 10T
Overhead Crane No 2 10T
Cranes may be coupled to give combined lifting weight of 20T

Welding Processes

MIG Welding Facilities
TIG Welding Facilities
Manual Arc Electrode Welding


Varnish Tank - 1800 Litre Capacity
VPI 48” Tank - 2 metre Shaft Depth

Baking Ovens

No 1 Oven ‐ 2100 High x 2100 Wide x 3600 Deep
No 2 Oven ‐ 1800 High x 1800 Wide x 2700 Deep

Lathes, Drills & Miscellaneous

Various Lathes 2700 Long x 700 Diameter
Radial Drill 1200 High x 900 Radius

Balancing Machine

Schenck CAB590C
1.6 Tonne Capacity 4000 Long x 1210 OD

Schenck Dynamic Balancing Machine
5.5T Capacity, 4,600mm between bearings, Swing of 1,900mm diameter

Testing Capacity

Test Voltages 110V, 240V, 415V, 1.1kV, 3.3kV
6.6kV, 11kV AC and 0 ‐ 500 V DC

Contact us today to see how we can help you or to find out more about our workshop and testing capabilities.