Overhaul and repairs

Dynelec’s extensive knowledge and facilities provide the ability to overhaul and repair electrical equipment and improve your operations by increasing productivity, efficiency and safety.

Extend equipment life through Overhaul and Repair

Our qualified technicians, engineers and tradespeople have extensive knowledge and experience in the maintenance, overhaul, repair and upgrade of a wide range of electrical systems and equipment. Our team are dedicated to ensuring all work is completed to Australian Standards and equipment certification.

Dynelec can extend the life of your equipment through a complete overhaul or upgrade, giving you cost effective solutions to keep your business running smoothly.

We have AS3800 certification and are ISO9001 quality assured. This means we value quality and reliability and build these principles into everything we do.

Contact us today to discuss your electrical system and equipment needs.

Some of the services we offer include:

Explosion Protected Equipment
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Ensuring your equipment is in good working order and safe is imperative when the equipment is used in hazardous areas. We have a state-of-the-art workshop and fully qualified technicians experienced in the overhaul and repair of explosion protected equipment.

Electrical Systems and Panels
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Dynelec provides full overhaul, repair and upgrade packages for high voltage (HV) and low voltage (LV) electrical equipment. This includes switchgear, distribution & protection boards and flameproof products. Upgrade packages can include fully automated solutions for your application.

Electric Motors
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Electric motors are the workhorse in many industries. They need care and maintenance to keep them running effectively and efficiently.

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Extend the life of your transformers through overhauls and upgrades with Dynelec’s overhaul and repair services. Services are available on-site or at our modern testing facilities (workshop) located in NSW.

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Electrical equipment can degrade and age with use. It may also become unsuitable for your changing needs. An electrical equipment upgrade is an effective alternative to buying new equipment.

Dynamic Balancing
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Excessive vibration of rotating machinery can cause severe noise, discomfort and in some cases, catastrophic failure. When a system is dynamically balanced, the system will run quieter and deliver less stress to machinery.

Steam Turbines
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Through J&R Magnetics, the Jones & Rickard Group inspects, repairs and overhauls Steam Turbines used throughout the Sugar and Petrochemical industries.