Dynelec has established expertise in the Utilities segment over the past decade, particularly in Water, Rail, Power Generation & Electricity Distribution.

Delivering Reliability Safely to our Utility clients 

When problems become complex, Dynelec has the three layered capability (Engineering - Manufacture/Overhaul/Testing - Site Services) to resolve the issue from 'Start-to-Finish". 


Safety through Process & Behaviour

Dynelec believes all job activities can be planned and controlled to ensure the Safety & Security of our staff members, our customers' staff & their customers, our suppliers, the community at large, and the environment. 

To achieve this, Dynelec operates under a strict process of Risk Management, underpinned by accreditation to AS/NZS4801 (OHS Management) and 'NSW Government WH&S System Edition 5'.

In addition, Dynelec has implemented a Behavioural Safety System, "UAP" (Unsafe Acts Prevention), which encourages all of us to ask three questions of each other at any time being:

1. What am I about to do?

2. What could go wrong ?

3. How can I make it safer ?


 What we do

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electrical Compliance Audits
  • Site Electrical Works 
  • Control & Protection Panel manufacturing 
  • Motor Control Centres including xEnergy
  • Testing up to 33kV 
  • Motor remove & replace
  • Motor Overhaul & Rewind
  • The VOX 36kV Outdoor circuit breaker
  • Rail traction substation site works


We work with

  • Sydney Water
  • Sydney Trains
  • Transport for NSW
  • ICON Water
  • Western Power
  • Powercor
  • United Energy

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