Dynelec is a COVID Safe business.
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Dynelec is a NSW Government registered COVID Safe business. Our Safety Plan can be found by clicking on this icon.

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Dynelec services the Mining, Industrial and Utility segments. Specialist solutions have been developed in Electricity Distribution, Water, Steel, Petrochemical, Cement, Marine, Coal Mining & Power Generation. 

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About Dynelec
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Dynelec have been providing engineering consultancy and design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and on-site servicing of electrical equipment to the Australian Mining and Industrial sectors since 1949.

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With a team of dedicated and experienced engineers and tradespeople, supported by one of the largest workshops and modern testing facilities in NSW, we provide end-to-end project solutions from full scale electrical power distribution and control systems to small electrical packages supported by our on-site installation and service team.

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Dynelec specialises in workshop overhaul of Electrical & Rotating equipment. This extends to site services, including professional engineering, testing, repairs, installation & commissioning. Our Unanderra facility houses one of the most comprehensive motor, machine and switchboard testing capabilities in NSW.

Who we work with


"Dynamic Electrical Constructions [Dynelec] has always stepped up to the mark on our request in times of need. This type of service is valued and much appreciated. Hence, what I believe is a strong growing relationship."

Kris Musarevski (Metal Manufacturers)

"The quality witnessed in Dynelec’s documentation was pleasing, it backed up the quality of work and the way in which the workers conduct themselves onsite."

Troy Barker (BHP Billiton)

"I would like to thank Dynelec for their professionalism in service & commitment throughout this [motor failure] situation. The fast turnaround that was achieved is highly commendable. The customer care that was displayed was excellent and I am very thankful."

Warren Bignall (Wollongong Coal)

"I want to thank you and all the guys involved for a great job constructing and installing the Panel. I was not surprised knowing the standard of work Dynelec produces, however our team was extremely happy with the professionalism, safety, and execution you guys brought to site."

Keelan Lloyd (Bluescope)

“The support is always professional, efforts this week during power testing were outstanding. Dynelec's safety focus and high voltage expertise were critical to testing being completed successfully. South 32 was very pleased with the outcome” 

Richard McNeill (CEO, Longwall Hydraulics)

“I’d like to thank you for the outstanding service we have received from DEC [Dynelec] during this contract. We’ve thrown in some odd challenges and the support we have received from DEC [Dynelec] has been impressive.”

Cameron Lyon (Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex)

“The work has been completed in a safe and timely manner with minimum disruption to operations. Your cooperation and quality of workmanship has been of a high standard throughout the project”

Peter McKellar (BHP)