Containerised Solutions & Customised Switchrooms

Dynelec have proven experience in delivering customised switchrooms and containerised solutions to distribute all ranges of power for heavy industry, construction and mining projects and operations. 

Solutions in a container tailored to your specific requirements

Dynelec supply customised switchrooms designed to at medium voltages (MV), providing a reliable hub for switching and protection. Our units have the capability to providing long distance distribution.

At Dynelec we don’t compromise on the safety or quality of our solutions, ensuring that all solutions, whether containerised or not, meet relevant industry and state standards and codes.

Our compact containerised solutions are engineered to reduce the cost of ownership by offering a cheaper and timeous alternative to building concrete and brick switchrooms or substations. They can be built in our workshop, minimising time required on site and related interruptions to your operations.

What you can get

Our customised switchrooms can be:

  • designed for testing of electrical equipment on-site 
  • designed for a temperature controlled environment
  • available in 20ft and 40ft sizes (containerised) or custom built to your requirements
  • readily transportable to any location needing testing zones
  • insulated with 50mm sandwich paneling
  • fitted with industrial strength air conditioning systems
  • designed according to power authority standards to take HV power from the power grid and
  • built to house the power authority’s incoming HV circuit breaker and feed supply to HV distribution equipment on location.

We are able to offer customised solutions for:

  • containerised switchrooms & motor control centres
  • medium voltage (MV) metal clad switchrooms
  • containerised substations
  • compact tunnel substations
  • containerised generators.

Contact us today to see how we can build you a tailored and cost effective solution to your needs.