Motor Control Centres

Dynelec have a solid track record for delivering reliable electrical solutions. Our motor control centres (MCCs) are designed and built to meet your exact specifications. Dynelec is a licensed Eaton xEnergy Partner.

Delivering versatile solutions for your motor control centre needs

Dynelec’s professional team are able to build your motor control centre from scratch, upgrade your existing motor control centre or automate it. We can create complete integrated power solutions using components from multiple suppliers ensuring we can deliver on your exact requirements.

Comprehensive options

Dynelec are able to deliver versatile solutions designed to your exact requirements. Our motor control centres can include:

  • variable speed drives (VSDs)
  • programmable controllers
  • touch screens and SCADA interfaces
  • HMI (Human Machine Interfaces)
  • DC drives (where applicable)
  • contactors
  • switches or push buttons
  • control lamps
  • power meters
  • circuit breakers and disconnects.

We specialise in innovative design of motor control centres suited to Australian conditions. All our motor control centres are factory tested before delivery.

Our motor control centres are typically used in:

  • coal handling 
  • coal processing
  • conveyor drives
  • stackers/reclaimers/ship loaders
  • water and sewerage systems
  • water infrastructure projects
  • oil & gas and petrochemical plants
  • power generation 
  • materials handling
  • commercial projects.

Eaton xEnergy

Dynelec is a licensed Eaton xEnergy partner, designing, manufacturing and installing IEC61439 compliant LV distribution boards and motor control centres up to 5,000A.

Refer attached brochure for more information - Dynelec-Eaton-xEnergy-Brochure.pdf  

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