Dynelec’s substations are designed and manufactured for maximum reliability so that they can withstand the harsh conditions familiar to the mining environment.

Substations built to withstand the harshest conditions

The complete Dynelec substation can be designed for easy relocation and maneuverability. There are also design options for powered track systems or braked wheels.

Technical Specifications

Technical attributes of our Dynelec substations are:

  • constructed to include up to multiple outlets
  • built with outlets that are provided with machinery/system protection and monitoring
  • up to 10MVA for underground with General Development Substations being 11kV/1000V, up to 2.5MVA
  • integration with flameproof systems
  • built so that all 11kV equipment resides in the substation’s High Tension (HT) enclosure including means of isolation, earthing and protection for the main transformer
  • available with transformer options including Nitrogen filled, dry type transformers (GNAN cooling system), mineral oil filled (ONAN) transformers and high flash point vegetable or silicon based oils.
  • designed so transformers filled with oil are built according to Australian standards and
  • compliant with electrical protection requirements met as outlined in AS/NZS4871.

Communications and safety provisions mean that:

  • each LT enclosure is tailor-made to address mine site communication requirements and can include PLC-based control systems
  • SCADA packages and HMI interface capabilities are available, and
  • your functionality requirements including safety rated (SIL) isolation, fan interlocking and earthing systems can be incorporated into the control and HMI systems to ensure the safety and reliability of your operations.

Factory Acceptance Testing involves:

  • typical power ratings – 1.5MVA to 2.5MVA
  • explosion protected or IP66
  • compliant to all Australian and state legislative requirements
  • additional mechanical protection available and
  • communication options including fibre optic / Ethernet connectivity.

The benefits of a Dynelec substation are:

  • they’re designed and fabricated for local Australian conditions
  • they have a low life cycle cost performance
  • they are a customised product based on proven industrial design standards
  • reliable, using leading edge technology
  • locally produced to enable close consultation with site engineering and preparation
  • safety and design tested.

Quality Assured

Each substation, upon completion, undergoes a process of Factory Acceptance Testing and Commissioning to ensure it is fully operational on delivery. There are options available to you for ongoing support for each product including lifecycle management with easy-to-use manuals and drawings provided to guide you.

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