Vibration Analysis

Early detection of mechanical fatigue and breakdown potential can assist in the prevention of expensive and damaging failures. With the aid of vibration testing and analysis you can accurately monitor the health of your machinery and equipment.

Decrease downtime and increase savings

Vibration analysis for rotating machinery

Rotating elements in machines generate vibrations at specific frequencies. The amplitude of this vibration will indicate the performance or quality of the machine. An increase in the vibration amplitude is usually a result of failing parts such as bearings or gears.

Machines that can be impacted may be:

  • motors
  • pumps
  • fans
  • gear boxes
  • compressors
  • turbines
  • conveyors
  • rollers
  • engines
  • machine tools that have rotational elements.

Based on the machine speed, the rotational frequencies can be calculated and compared to measurements to identify the failure mode. By measuring and analysing the vibration generated by the machine, several faults can be identified. Some of the things that can be identified through vibration analysis are:

  • the machine is out of balance
  • the machine is out of alignment
  • the resonance
  • bent shafts
  • gear mesh disturbances
  • blade pass disturbances
  • vane pass disturbances
  • recirculation and cavitation
  • rotor and stator motor faults
  • bearing failures
  • mechanical looseness
  • critical machine speeds.

Ongoing monitoring of equipment and machinery can help identify signs of wearing before damage becomes catastrophic.

Industrial Vibration

At Dynelec we utilise state-of-the-art vibration monitoring equipment to supply critical operating information. Industrial vibration monitoring equipment is used to detect and identify imbalance, bearing faults and misalignment in industrial operations. This enables early fault diagnosis. The result? Reduced downtime.

Typical applications include:

  • gearboxes
  • motors
  • bearings
  • cooling towers
  • pumps
  • bins
  • hoppers.

The process

Looking after your machinery, equipment and plant/mine is an ongoing process that starts with measurement of the health of the machinery or equipment.

Measurements are then analysed to identify whether there are potential or existing issues, in other words they ‘raise the alarm’ that there is or may be a problem and identify areas that require repair.

This process can lead to reduced system downtime and prevent future failures.

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