Motor Load Test

With one of the most modern testing facilities in NSW, Dynelec is the perfect choice for electrical motor load testing. Controlled by our own customised automation software, the facility is able to run multiple tests simultaneously.

Get up to 120 hours of continuous testing

Our workshop in Unanderra is one of the largest in NSW. It runs on a fully automated system custom designed by our software engineers. Utilising a modern Eddy Current Brake we are able to load test electric motors up to 300kW at full load and 800kW partially loaded for up to 120 hours continuously.

We can test 415V, 1kV, 3.3kV, 6.6kV and 11kV motors with speeds up to 5000rpm.

Tests include:

  • No load tests (AC or DC)
    • disconnected
    • inferred
    • measured
  • Load point test (AC or DC)
  • Locked rotor testing (AC) (also known as stalled torque)

All parameters of the tests such as bearing and winding temperatures, torque, speed and power are recorded during the tests and all data and test results are documented.

Why load test?

Load testing is performed to help you:

  • ensure the reliability of your motor
  • validate repairs
  • verify performance
  • ensure system compatibility between motors and drives
  • identify the maximum operating capacity / efficiency of your motor
  • identify any faults.

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