Commissioning / Functional Testing

Dynelec has fully qualified testing officers who are experienced in the provision of independent commissioning and functional testing services.

Helping you verify product/system performance meets your specifications

Commissioning is the comprehensive and systematic process for verifying and documenting that the performance of the electrical power or control system meets your objectives, requirements and State regulations. It’s one of the most effective strategies you can employ to avoid unplanned outages, interruptions and downtime resulting from design, construction, installation or components. Functional testing forms the heart of commissioning.

Dynelec has complex testing and commissioning packages to help you verify product/system compliance based on your custom requirements and relevant standards.

Why is commissioning necessary?

Commissioning during the construction and warranty phases is completed for the following reasons:

  1. to verify and document that equipment is installed and started as per the manufacturer’s recommendations and technical specification requirements
  2. to verify and document that equipment and systems have been checked to ensure they operate correctly
  3. to verify and document the equipment and system performance.

Commissioning can also be used as a means to benchmark operational and maintenance conditions for future testing.

The commissioning process does not relieve the Contractor’s responsibility to provide fully completed and functioning systems.

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