Extend the life of your transformers through overhauls and upgrades with Dynelec’s overhaul and repair services. Services are available on-site or at our modern testing facilities (workshop) located in NSW.

Ensuring your transformers work the best they can

Dynelec have experience in the overhaul and upgrade of oil filled, dry type, gas filled and flameproof transformers. We ensure that they meet the relevant Australian Standards for your industry.

Transformer overhaul and upgrades offer an effective alternative to capital expenditure on new equipment by extending the life of the transformer.

Dynelec have extensive experience in:

  • Repair and reconditioning transformers by
    • replacing gaskets, broken bushings and accessories
    • filtering or replacing oil
    • repair, repaint, vacuum and pressure testing of tanks
    • controlled oven drying of winders
  • Upgrading trasnformers
    • short circuit strength improvements
    • kVA upgrades
    • voltage changes
    • reduced losses
    • LTC modernisation
    • sound level reduction
    • tank modification
    • fitting of additional protective devices, cable boxes and general modifications
  • Testing transformers
    • testing transformer oil in accordance with relevant standards for
      • Acidity
      • Corrosive sulphur test
      • DBPC analysis
      • Degree of polymerisation
      • Density
      • Dielectric breakdown
      • Dissipation factor and resistivity (DDF)
      • Dissolved gas analysis (DGA)
      • Flash point
      • Furan analysis
      • Interfacial surface tension (IFT)
      • Moisture analysis
      • Oxidation
      • Particle count
      • PCB tests
      • Pour point
      • Sediment and sludge
      • Viscosity
      • Wear metal analysis
    • transformer’s insulation resistance, ratio, DLA and polarity testing

Contact us today to see how we can extend the life of your transformers.