Dynamic Balancing

Excessive vibration of rotating machinery can cause severe noise, discomfort and in some cases, catastrophic failure. When a system is dynamically balanced, the system will run quieter and deliver less stress to machinery.

Extend the life and safety of rotating equipment

Imbalance is one of the most common sources of machinery failure found in rotating assemblies and electric motors. A large proportion of breakdowns can be avoided as they are caused by bearings damaged through prolonged or excessive vibration.

Dynamic balancing reduces uneven distribution of mass around a rotor’s centreline. This reduces vibration levels.

Dynelec offers precision balancing, enabled by technology, ensuring accurate balancing can be performed on-site or in our modern workshop.

Typical balance elements include:

  • electric motors or generator rotors
  • DC armatures
  • fans or cooling elements
  • rolls
  • shafts, spurs or pinions
  • pump elements.

Dynamic balancing ensures your machinery has:

  • a longer service life
  • reduced chance of failure
  • improved running conditions
  • increased equipment performance and operating quality
  • increased bearing life
  • reduced bearing loads

Other benefits of having rotating equipment dynamically balanced are:

  • increased safety
  • reduced downtime
  • reduced maintenance costs
  • maximised return on investment.

Contact us today to organise precision balancing of your rotating equipment.