Motor & VSD System in 5 DAYS!

November 2019

 Dynelec recently solved a complex problem for one of the world's largest Wind Farm Generator suppliers.

Solution completed within 5 DAYS!

Our client was required to develop a testing solution to ensure the quality of several very large gearboxes, prior their installation in an Australian windfarm.

The cost of the windfarm being down for maintenance was very high. Each day counted!

The requirement was Urgent.

wind generator gearbox resized 3

Dynelec was requested to quickly develop a motor drive system to enable the testing.

Dynelec's Engineering team launched the design process, encompassing an Eaton VSD, HMI, circuit control & protection, and an LV Motor. Procurement began immediately, and panel manufacturing started within 2 days of the original request.

VSD for gearbox testing inside panel resized

Factory Acceptance Testing took place on Day 4.

VSD for gearbox testing resized

Installation & Commissioning on site took place on Day 5.

The client was then able to conduct the testing of these large gearboxes. 


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