Dynelec selected as Distributor & Repairer for ATB Morley & ATB Laurence Scott Motors

May 2020

We are pleased to announce our association with the timeless brands ATB Morley & ATB Laurence Scott Motors.

Dynelec - Authorised Distributor & Repairer of ATB Morley & ATB Laurence Scott Motors

This association will enable Dynelec, with many decades of Coal mining & Motor experience plus 30 years of AS3800 accreditation, to more readily support our customers and those of the ATB brands.

Motor overhaul will be conducted at Dynelec's Unanderra workshop, one of the most comprehensive repair & test centres in NSW.

The ATB brands, both UK headquartered since the late 1800's, operate under the parent company Wolong and are widely installed throughout Australia.

Letter of Authorisation:  Dynelec-Authorised-Distributor-Repairer-ATB.pdf

Please contact us for more information and support here.

 Morley Motor Overhaul


ATB Morley
Design and manufacture of heavy-duty motors for hazardous atmospheres for use in underground mining under harsh operating conditions.

ATB Laurence & Scott
Design and manufacture of customer-specific high voltage motors typically from 500kW to 25MW for use in heavy industry. A key feature of Laurence Scott motors is the ability to provide very low starting current solutions for which the products are highly regarded internationally.

For more information regarding the ATB brands follow this link.