Dynelec partners with Nanoprecise for AI-based Machine Monitoring

January 2022


Dynelec has signed a Distribution Partnership Agreement with Nanoprecise Sci Corp to support Australian customers with advanced predictive machine monitoring solutions.

Dynelec and Nanoprecise partner

Dynelec, and the Jones & Rickard Group more broadly, can now assist our clients to make planned decisions about the timing of rotating equipment shutdown and maintenance. Reliable automated notifications, and machine fleet visibility, have improved rapidly. Nanoprecise has cleverly applied advanced hardware and software to create trusted information, simple low cost installation, supported by a network of vibration analysts able to provide advice. Our team is excited by the potential to help industry reduce unplanned down-time.



Contact Dynelec here to learn how we can help with reducing unplanned machine downtime.


About Nanoprecise

Nanoprecise Sci Corp is a new technology start-up, based in Canada. Founded only five years ago, it has doubled in size each year and has been recognised as an evolving leader in applying IoT (internet of things) and AI (artificial intelligence) to the challenge of reducing down-time of machines. Nanoprecise technology has been installed in several of the World's largest Steel, Oil & Gas and Mining operations.

To learn more about the Nanoprecise solution, follow this link: https://nanoprecise.io/solutions/

Photo Nanoprecise sensor

 Photo Nanoprecise system